How to keep your leather jackets cleaned?

mens-brown-leather-biker-jacket-colinEvery one of you knows that investing money to get a nice leather jacket is easier, but keeping it good is hard. Leather is one of the difficult clothing fibres to clean. As you invest your hard earned money in purchasing your designer leather jackets, so you never want to destroy it by cleaning in the wrong way. You should be ready to keep this clothing piece in good condition while making a decision to purchase it.

Tips to clean your leather jackets

  • Use a fine clean & soft cloth piece to wipe down the dust & dirt from this attire. You can spray a cleaner without chemical substances before using the cloth to wipe down. Through this, all the dust & dirt collected on the outer surface go down.
  • Apply a gentle soap with water to clean your leather jackets. At this time, you need to ensure that you are using a gentle cloth for cleaning process. With the use of gentle cloth for cleaning, you can protect your jacket outer layer from getting damaged.
  • Apply old fashioned shoe brush or mohair brush for cleaning purposes if you don’t find a gentle cloth piece. With these tools, you will have better results in cleaning.
  • Use clean water to get rid of salt spots on your leather jacket. Avoid using soapy or dirty water to clean salt spots.
  • Don’t use alcoholic, turpentine or mineral substances for cleaning your jackets made of leather.
  • Avoid the use of waxes, silicones and any other leather preparations for washing this attire.
  • Use a gentle brush with lukewarm water and mild soap to get rid of drippings on your leather outfits. Do this quickly as the dripping takes place.

Your designer leather jackets are valuable for you and so, you should take care of them like as your other valuable items. If you feel that you can’t handle the spot, consult someone who has expertise in cleaning varied clothes especially made of leather.

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