Biker Jackets

biker jacketsWho would have thought that rebel wear would become a fashion darling, that too in such a big way? From haute couture labels to our regular fashion stores, all of them are making a beeline to stock the bad old leather jackets. From being considered outerwear for motorheads and punks, biker jackets have come a long way to signal a new kind of fashion, one that is not afraid of experimenting and living life in the fast lane.

Custom made for the macho all male look, biker jackets were once considered the sole purview of men. Today, there are many women bikers are there are varieties of biker jackets for women. There is plenty of variety to choose from, for both men and women. Biker jackets are available in a variety of fabrics from the classic leather jackets to the infinitely elegant mesh jackets, there is a whole range of choice to suit every season and every dressing.

When it comes to choosing the right biker jacket, getting the size right is important. How well the jacket fits your body is very important, as much for comfort as for its sheer style value. Look for a snug fit as you need a biker jacket that does not seem to fly off your body or constricts your movement while you are riding a bike. Another thing to be aware of is that the jacket should be able to keep your body cool while driving as the heat from a fast speeding bike can rise to dangerous levels.

The latest biker jackets are designed with next generation Armor Technology also called level 3. Sure, they are expensive than the other normal biker jackets but the comfort that they provide to a high speed biker is unsurpassed. Designed ergonomically to provide free movement to the upper part of the body, they are capable of absorbing high impact at very high speeds.

Biker jackets look good with any kind of dressing, whether you choose to wear it over a casual tee or a formal white shirt and tie, they simply add to the coolness quotient of your dressing. With the rebel look gaining ground, a biker jacket has become a veritable must have in your closet.

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