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Bomber jackets have existed since the early 1900s. These jackets have ordinarily been made from sheepskin leather outside and a cushioned wool inner liner. The bomber jacket has a rich and elaborate history. It provides exceptional comfort in sub-zero, breezy or rainy climates, and has an appropriate reputation as a fashionable part of women’s wardrobes. This jacket is versatile enough to be worn for any event from casual to semi-formal. Because of its versatility, the bomber jacket has experienced a constant growth in its eminence over the years.

ladies-tan-leather-biker-jacket-havenWhen seeking for a characteristic bomber jacket to add to her wardrobe, a woman can find these jackets in physical shops or Shop Women’s Bomber Jackets online. Online clothing stores have a variety of bomber jackets in a various modern styles and colors. Shoppers can choose from diverse designs and materials, some of the iconic bomber jackets are made from leather, which has designs that include denim in an array of colors.

Bomber Jacket History

Bomber jackets were first invented in 1915, when pilots from the Royal Flying Corps flew bombing missions in Belgium and France. No standard military jackets were provided to the pilots at that time, but it became progressively evident that pilots needed to wear warm jackets inside the extremely cold cockpits. So a long leather coat was made for bomber pilots to wear. And thus the bomber jackets were born.


During World War II, the authentic bomber jacket was updated. The new style of bomber jacket was called the A2 bomber jacket and promoted a smaller waist length, lengthened wrap around collars, front zip closing, and snug sewed cuffs that enabled pilots to fly in a cold and windy cockpit with utmost comfort.

Today, the bomber jacket has continued to develop and has become a fashion statement as well, allowing women to look stunning for casual or semi-formal occasions.

There are many stores that provide bomber jackets and the best way to buy is compare all the prices and styles before making the purchase. Bomber jackets have different variants and some of them are: A-2 Bomber Jacket, B-3 Bomber Jacket, Aviator Bomber Jacket, Eco Bomber Jacket, Nylon Bomber Jacket and Waxed Denim Bomber Jacket. These jackets are in vogue and represent the elegance of a woman in a very unique fashion.

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