Shearling leather coats: proper shearling attention and care!!

The newest and the latest fashion trend for celebrities, royalties and ordinary men with nine to five jobs alike is undoubtedly shearling leather coats. This type of jacket has become so popular these days that not only women are sporting this trend, but men and children of all ages are also opting for it for their winter wear collection.

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Features of shearling coats

Shearling leather coats are fashionable and will definitely outlast all other winter wear that can only be worn for a few times before they get faded and damaged. These coats are made with the best and original quality of processed sheepskin, lambskin or pelt and provide the ultimate warmth. Due to their standard quality as well as a classy appearance, shearling coats are also termed as a luxurious wear and are a bit costly than other types of winter jackets and coats.

These days, more and more people are trying to get that perfect coat, and because of the convenience of access, the best way to find the best-looking shearling coat is to shop online. Shearling leather coats for men and women are available at varying places that depend on various factors. The major factor that determines the cost of these types of jackets is wool, leather as well as the softness of the material. The softer and original the wool is, the more expensive the shearling coat will cost. The original quality shearling coats have denser wool and thinner leather that makes them warm and lightweight at the same time.

On the other hand, you must also note that shearling material requires a proper care if you want them to be in use for a longer period of time. Removing the dust from the coat is not the only thing that you need to do to take care of the coat, but there are many more things that you should surely do in order to give your coat a longer life and maintain its durability.

Things to do to provide a proper care to your shearling coat

  1. When your coat is not in use, make sure you hang it on a sturdy and an appropriate coat hanger in order to keep it in its original shape.
  2. You should also avoid all types of stain resistant treatments on your coat and especially those treatments which are made up of silicon.
  3. Also, remember not let dirt and stain stay on the coat as heavily dirty shearling coats are difficult to clean.
  4. Keep in mind to never throw your shearling coat into the washing machine or dryer as these can damage the coat. Most shearling coats are meant to be dry cleaned and you should only opt for this.
  5. You should never stick adhesive stickers on your shearling coats as pieces of adhesive can either get left behind on the material or the adhesive may itself pull off some fabric.

So, these are some important steps that you must follow so as to provide the best attention and care to your shearling leather coats. However, when you are buying your coat from any online shopping site, keep in mind to ask the manufacturer or retailer’s recommendation for care.

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