How to Buy and When to Wear a Leather Bomber Jacket


If someone asks you to describe a leather bomber jacket, how would you describe it? Well! I would like to explain it as a perfect, timeless, style statement, and versatile piece of outfit which is equally loved by men and women. While there is a lot of information on the history, evolution, and wide assortment of colors available in the market, only a little is shared about how one should wear it with confidence. While buying a bomber jacket in leather material is not that much of a big deal, it can be stressful if you find it difficult to know how to get the best use of it.

For many, bomber jacket is just a piece to throw over a t-shirt or shirt but there is a whole lot more you should know about, for instance, getting the right fit and when to wear. So, let’s take a look.

How should a Bomber Jacket fit?

If you haven’t still bought a leather bomber jacket, let me help you get the right fit. Fitting is perhaps the most essential feature that needs to be considered before buying a jacket. To achieve the favorable results, pick a bomber jacket that is snug on your shoulders and arms and completed by a fitted body with enough room to squirm and wriggle around with comfort as well as to fit in one or two layers beneath it.

The seams of your shoulder should end at your shoulder point or closest to it and sleeves should finish at the wrist bone just above your palm. Another key point is to remember that waistband should sit right at the waist of your pants or jeans. Anything less or more will ruin the whole look.

When to wear a Bomber Jacket?

It depends on where you are going or what you will be doing after wearing it. Usually, a bomber jacket makes a smart choice for casual engagements and occasions. For casual gatherings, you can wear it over a t-shirt and jeans or chinos and casual trousers. While for summers, a shirt or t-shirt would be good, in winters, a sweatshirt will be fine. Not only this, but a similar fit hoodie can also be worn for a casual look. When it comes to footwear, sneakers sound like a natural choice with them. In fact, sneakers could work well with all kinds and styles of bomber jackets. Instead of sneakers, you can also try a pair of loafers, derby shoes or even leather trainers to add oomph to your overall appearance.

In case you want to complete your look with being too intentional, neutral colors such as black, grey, brown, and burgundy would be best to choose. Adding a black or dark-colored leather bomber jacket to a shirt and tie combo will do the trick in a formal environment. This means that it can also work great in certain formal or semi-formal settings if you are going with a refined look. Furthermore, it performs well as a part of your smart-casual style.

If you still haven’t bought any latest leather bomber jacket, you should give it a try and believe me, you are going to love it due to its comfort, warmth, and style statement.

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