Essential Precautions to Take While Cleaning Leather Bomber Jackets!!

leather bomber jacket

Leather bomber jackets are naturally dirt and debris resistant, and unlike other materials that catch hold of dirt and dust, leather withstands them. You can easily wear your leather jackets whenever you want without stressing about it becoming dirty or stained. But, it is still a wise idea to clean your jackets thoroughly on a regular basis to preserve its attractive features and overall appearance.

However, to keep your leather jackets looking like new, there are certain things about cleaning and maintaining them that you must keep in mind. There are some cleaning instructions that you must follow – mentioned below are a few major ones.

Check the jacket’s label:

The golden rule of cleaning your leather jacket is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Since different manufacturers use different materials and techniques to manufacturer their jackets, it’s wise to thoroughly know about the cleaning instructions that come with them. Typically, mentioned inside the collar of the jacket, the label gives out the manufacturers’ advises and tips for caring and cleaning the jacket.

Never use any kind of stain-removing fabric product unless it says safe for leather:

Available at most of the grocery stores, stain-removing fabric products are formulated elements of ingredients that extract all types of stain from the fabric. However, unless they say safe for leather, its best to avoid their use on your leather jacket. Leather has several pores that basically absorb moisture, and when any stain removing product is used, the harsh chemicals get absorbed in the leather, thereby causing the jacket to fade and crack.

Don’t wash your leather jacket in a washing machine or dryer:

This point is worth mentioning because, for the sake of easiness, many people wash their leather jackets in a washing machine, and then regret later. Keep in mind that your dryers or washing machine are simply too harsh for leather and can certainly deteriorate the texture of your jacket.

Always use a mild soap solution for cleaning:

Unless differently mentioned on the jacket’s label, it’s best to clean your leather jacket with a mild soap solution. To make this solution, just fill up a bottle with water (lukewarm), gentle dish soap, and stir the solution well till mixed properly. Soak a sponge with this solution and wipe it over the surface of your jacket to eliminate debris and dust. However, before applying the solution directly onto your jacket, we recommend testing it in a discreet area.

Make sure to dry your jacket after cleaning:

Upon using a soap solution or any other leather cleaning product, make sure to dry the jacket naturally. You should never use any type of heating product for drying-let the jacket air dry itself. Besides, to protect your leather jacket from mildew issues, get into the habit of air drying it immediately once you’ve cleaned it thoroughly.

Aside from these cleaning precautions, also remember to condition your jacket shortly after cleaning and drying it. Always use a special leather conditioning product to soften the leather texture, and to protect it from drying.  A good rule of thumb is to condition your leather bomber jacket once every alternate month to preserve its softness and original appearance.

So, now that you are aware of these major care tips, make sure to follow them the next time you clean your leather bomber jacket.

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