5 Ways to detect the genuinity of the leather Holdalls!!


A travel duffle bag, laptop bag or Holdalls are not just for carrying things but also influence the style of the users. You are decked up in smart attire for your business meeting or for traveling but if you have accompanied it with a wrong laptop bag or travel bag, your style will be a huge failure. For example, if you have used a flowery bag with your formal attire, you will be a source of laughter for all. It will spoil everything for you.

To make it well for you, there are several options available in the market but the one that will make the best pair with all of your garments is the leather Holdalls. Leather is a worldwide accepted style statement for all. You can use a leather jacket, leather coat, leather hat and leather bags. They never get old and are continuously ruling the fashion industry. Traditionally, options were less but today you will get many in the market. In this fashion era, the demand for leather products is so high that people are getting fooled with bad quality and false leather. People have become blind in the love of leather. But, we do not want this to happen with you.

We started our discussion with bags so we will tell you how to check the genuinity of the leather Holdalls. The holdalls combine both duffle and laptop bags under them.

  • Touch and check the surface of the bag

You will know about the leather quality after touching and checking the surface of the same. If the surface has pebbles, pores along with the imperfect finish, it is made up of genuine leather. On the other hand, if the surface is smooth and with no imperfection, it is made up of synthetic material.

  • Check the edges of the bag

To know the quality of the leather, the other way is to check the edges of the bag. The edges in the genuine leather will be rough and far away from perfection. In case you find it smooth, something is wrong in it.

  • Know the grade of the leather

Quality is often defined on the grades and the same is the case with the leather holdalls. The leather is manufactured by using the skin of different animals and grade is appointed accordingly. You will identify the grade with the labels mentioned in the bags. Some tags guarantee 100% purity.

  • Color of the leather

People often have a misconception that only black and brown leather products are genuine and the ones available in a different color are not. You have to understand that colors are added on the genuine leather to enhance the beauty. And, this is the reason, bags for men are available in different colors and it looks stylish.

  • Check by pressing the leather

The last but not least way for detecting the quality of the leather is by pressing the product. If you get wrinkles on pressing, the leather used in the bag is genuine. On the other hand, if it feels like plastic and smells like a chemical, the leather is not genuine.

Once you clear all these tests, you are free to buy the same and your investment will be worth it.

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