5 Tips For Storing You Leather Jackets Correctly In Off-seasons


As compared to other winter clothing, investing in original leather jackets is a costly affair. It is said that you can buy several winters wears at the cost of one leather jacket. And, sometimes, the cost is very hard to digest. But, we know it’s one of the important garments for your wardrobe and you cannot drop the idea of buying it due to cost.

You cannot change the price, but you can make it worth it. Buying a leather jacket is a one-time investment and you can use it forever. You do not need to purchase every year and throw the old ones. If you wish to increase your collection, then it’s your choice. Besides, if your budget permits, you can every year get one for yourself.

For those who are keen to use the leather jackets in the next year and the years ahead, you should learn to store them correctly. You should follow some steps to maintain and store the leather jackets so that you can use them now and forever.

Amongst so many storage tips, we have mentioned the 5 most important ones for your reference.

Use wide cloth hangers

First of all, never fold the leather jackets. Folding will develop wrinkles which will difficult to remove and will also damage the crease. You should hang as it is on a cloth hanger. The hanger should heavy like made up of wood and broad to carry the weight and broad shoulders of the jacket respectively. In case the hanger is not strong and wide, the jacket might fall and get damaged.

Use acid-free papers

Norma newspapers are often used to store clothes for a long time. But, for storing a leather jacket, you should use acid-papers. You need to stuff the papers on insides of your leather jacket and close the buttons or zippers or both if you have them. For extra protection from the chemical transfer or other elements, you can do the same for the outside of your leather jacket during storage.

Keep it away from direct sunlight

While storing your leather jacket, you should ensure that it is away from direct sunlight. Short-term exposure to the sunlight won’t matter, but long-term exposure will fade the colour. For example, your dark brown-coloured leather jacket will turn into a light brown jacket. If it goes on continuously, your jacket might not be in wearable condition.

Use leather conditioner and condition it timely

Conditioning is very important for your leather jacket to keep it hydrated. The experts say that you should condition the jackets every three to six months to main the raw look forever. So, for that, you should have the right leather conditioner at home. The conditioner will remove the dirt and debris, retain the moisture, and will preserve the leather quality. You can use a cotton swab for applying conditioner on the jacket.

Store it in a temperature-controlled area

You should find a temperature-controlled area in your house to store the leather jackets. The area should not be hot and humid like the attic and crawlspace. The best place to store your jacket is in the closet of your bedroom or guest room. The experts say that a leather jacket should be at room temperature with a relative humidity of about 40% to 50%. In case humidity is too high, you should use a dehumidifier.

Other than these, you should also read and consider the storage tips given by the manufacturer on the garment.

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