What to Do When My Sheepskin Coat Gets Wet in the Rain


Whether you have men’s sheepskin coats or women’s sheepskin coats, taking care of them is essential for both. Every sheepskin coat owner has certain doubts and queries in mind regarding its care, especially about what to do when the sheepskin coat gets wet. Thus, we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions so that you can take care of your sheepskin coat in a better way. Let’s check them out.

Is it suitable to wear a sheepskin coat in the rain?

Though you should avoid wearing your sheepskin coat in the rain, if you didn’t get the chance to change, you should not worry too much. Every high-quality sheepskin coat is designed to survive a rainstorm. Don’t think of your sheepskin coat as something that will melt when exposed to rain. However, you need to properly take care of them once they get wet.

How should I look after my sheepskin coat after it gets wet in the rain?

The most important thing is to let men’s sheepskin coat dry naturally. Don’t hurry to dry it as quickly as possible or expose the coat with too much heat. Since sheepskin is basically the sheep’s skin with the wool on, you should not try to dry it using a tumble dryer or use a piping radiator. Just put on it a broad-padded hanger in a warm airy room.

As it will dry slowly, the pelt of the coat might begin to tighten up. To know how to manage it, let’s move to our next question.

What should I do to soften my sheepskin coat that became stiff after it dried?

Just recall when your leather shoes get wet, they become hard later. And to restore their softness or just loosen them a bit, you have to wear them again. Or, you can recall how your denim jeans or jacket feels when you dry it up. You have to manipulate it to loosen the fiber of the fabric. The same thing goes for your sheepskin coat once it is dried up following a soaking.

You need to work the sheepskin to break the fibers open again, meaning you need to gently knead it and roll it through your hands. Perhaps, the same way you work your hair or your pet’s hair through your fingers. You might also need to stretch it open a bit but not too much or hardly.

How can I get rid of the rings caused by rain on my sheepskin coat? 

Rain spots might be more visible if the sheepskin has fine suede and it is caught in a drizzle. The little rings appear where the suede has been flattened by raindrops. You can easily remove this. Just buff your coat with a dry scouring pad – the kind with the crust on one side and the foam on the other.

Brush off and revive the suede nap with the foam side of the scouring pad. Keep your strokes gentle, long, and more fluid instead of concentrating on a small area. Use the crusty side only if the foam side is having no impact on the rings and dirt trapped in the suede.

However, if you want your sheepskin coat to continue to look stunning again with the same luster and softness, we would recommend you to look for a professional.

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