Leather Jackets and Their Parts: What to Know!


To make an informed decision when it comes to investing in a quality leather jacket, you’ll have to ask yourself various questions. What is your preference for genuine leather versus faux leather? In addition to well-crafted vegan options, do you prefer a vibrant pop of color or classic black? Although browsing your favorite retailer sites can provide you with some answers, here is your quick reference guide.

We’re reviewing all the details that contribute to a specific look in a standard design. Although the moto style is achieved with the triangle panels and thick buckle belt, you can find leather bomber jackets with elastic at the waist and way fewer embellishments and panels.

After you learn the basics and decide whether cuffs and pockets are necessary, you can begin shopping. Below are just a few of our favorite jackets, but prices vary based on the type of leather, its thickness, and whether it’s real or vegan.

Cowhide leather provides structure, but it can appear stiff at first due to its long wear time. Meanwhile, calfskin gives a bit of a slouch. You can also choose from lamb and goat, which have a buttery feel, and buffalo or bison, which are the most expensive but most durable.

Once you find one you like, don’t forget to check out its detailed description. It is a smart, well-considered purchase that you will not regret making.


You will often find a fastener on either side of the collar of your jacket, though some leather coats are collarless and have just a button snap at the front.


Metal studs like these can be found on your collar or lapel, a bit further down. They don’t necessarily add anything to your coat, but they show off the hardware on the rest of it and make it look perfect.


Some of these triangular slices of fabric drape over the collar, giving moto-style jackets an edge with their crisp shape. When you close your coat, it forms a square shape because the zipper runs along with one of the panels.


A jacket with plenty of pockets will appeal to you if you’re a pocket lover. One side of many leather coats has a diagonal pocket, ideal for stashing extra cash, cards, or even your phone. Some of your side pockets snap shut with a button, while others form a line with a single zipper in the center of your design.


Linings are the fabrics that run along the inside of your coat. Whatever the material, whether cotton, quilted nylon, or even suede, a lining can make your design stand out! — and make you feel a lot posher.

Waist Belt

Your jacket has a belt buckle along the lower edge, which you can use to create a tighter fit. Many jackets come with one or two clasps on each side to accentuate their style. Let yours hang loose for an undone look.


A leather jacket might have more than one zipper. Whether there is one on each sleeve or attached to any of your pockets, the more hardware you have, the flashier your statement will be. The center of your coat has a single zipper that ties the panels together when zipped up.


You can create some cuffs by folding up the hem of your shirt or unzipping the sleeve, while others require you to fold them out. Classic bombers usually have elastic cuffs that give them a sporty look.

Shoulder Straps or Epaulettes:

To create a square shape on each shoulder, these small details are added. Their ornamentation might work to give off military vibes depending on how ornate they are. For the most part, you’ll observe epaulets that are secured folds.

Shearling (optional):

Shearling can be used as the lining of your entire coat to keep you warm, or it can be used as a decorative element along the collar. It’s usually supposed to be seen, giving your outfit a soft, fuzzy touch.

Panels/ Strips (optional):

Panels are contrasting fabric patches that may be the same shade but have different textures. Your coat could have delicate paneling on the inside of the sleeve, or it could include ribbed leather boards down the sides or instead of an epaulet at the shoulder.


All these distinctive features of a leather jacket will help you choose a leather jacket that will age with you while maintaining your persona and style.

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