Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Leather Bomber Jackets!!

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One of the most popular types of outerwear is a leather bomber jacket. Genuine leather construction ensures a classic appearance that will endure the test of time for years to come. Perhaps you are unsure why leather bomber jackets are so popular, especially if you’ve never worn one before. When so many other styles of leather jackets are available for sale, why have bomber jackets become such a popular choice among men and women? A leather bomber jacket’s basic construction can help you better understand its benefits.

A brief overview of leather bomber jackets

A leather bomber jacket also called a flight jacket, is a type of leather jacket originally designed for Air Force pilots of the US. An interior fur- or quilted-lined lining adds extra warmth to leather bomber jackets with a genuine leather construction. Both men and women appreciate their classic, timeless style. Leather bomber jackets are characterized by their origin as Air Force pilot jackets, hence their attractive yet functional style.

Leather bomber jackets: a brief history

The leather bomber jacket dates back over a century. A pilot and the crew of an airplane wore thick leather jackets during the early 1900s to keep warm. Aerial flights weren’t pressurized back then, so pilots and crew members experienced cold temperatures during high-altitude flights. To survive high-altitude flights, wearing a leather jacket was the only way to stay warm.

1917, the United States Air Force established the Aviation Clothing Board, which produced and distributed leather jackets for its pilots and crewmen. Despite their wide range of styles, most consisted of fur-like wraparound collars constructed from heavy-duty leather.

Bomber Jackets vs. Modern Styles: Is there a Difference?

Modern leather jackets and leather bomber jackets share many similarities. They are both made of genuine leather and come in similar colors, and you can buy them in custom sizes. To that end, leather bomber jackets are not the same as modern leather jackets.

Their superior level of warmth makes leather bomber jackets unique. As leather jackets insulate your body and reduce your body’s thermal loss, they can keep you warm in cold weather. The leather bomber jacket excels in this regard because it was designed specifically for this purpose.

In the early and mid-1900s, there were no pressurized cabins with central heating systems in airplanes. Pilots and crew members wore leather bomber jackets at high altitudes to stay warm and prevent hypothermia and frostbite. These jackets have a thick, heavy construction, which makes them warmer than other styles of leather jackets.

Would a leather bomber jacket be a good choice?

No matter who you are, you should still consider purchasing a leather bomber jacket. Among the advantages of these coats and jackets is that they are warmer than other coats and jackets. Wear a leather bomber jacket to stay warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. This thick, heavy-duty construction insulates your body from the cold, keeping you warm even when it’s cold outside.

Furthermore, buying a leather bomber jacket has a long-term value. Most jackets and coats degrade after about a year. With leather bomber jackets, this is not an issue. They will last a lifetime. Some leather jackets date back over 50 years.

Vintage leather bombers

There are even leather bomber jackets that are available in vintage styles. Vintage leather bomber jackets are reminiscent of the classic bomber jackets worn first by Air Force pilots during the turn of the twentieth century.

How to Care for a Leather Bomber Jacket

Regardless of how you choose to style your leather bomber jacket, you will need to take some basic precautions. It is important to condition it every two or three months. It involves applying a leather conditioner to hydrate and protect your leather bomber jacket from drying out.

Regularly spot-clean your leather bomber jacket in addition to conditioning it. You can clean your leather bomber jacket by blotting the stained area with a damp washcloth until it is clean. In most cases, you do not need to use special detergents or soaps to clean it. You can, however, add liquid dish soap to the solution for more stubborn stains.

Leather bomber jackets require that you follow the care label instructions as with all leather jackets. According to your jacket’s label, you should follow specific instructions to maintain and preserve its original appearance. Leather bomber jackets usually have a care label inside the collar. Besides the collar, check the bottom interior of the jacket for the care label.

As a final note

Bomber jackets made of leather are famous for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Leather bomber jackets are a great choice if you’re looking for a new jacket. The jackets are soft and comfortable, warm, and stylish. Choose your size wisely. Otherwise, you won’t benefit much from your new leather bomber jacket.

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