Look classy and smart with bomber jackets


The leather bomber jackets have came a long way since it was made for pilots fighting in World War I and II. Now people of all walks of life wear this jacket to get sporty, glamorous and stylish look. Today bomber jackets are available in wide range with different colors, materials and designs.

History of bomber jackets

Today leather bomber jackets are considered as one of the most incredible and outstanding garment for all age group of men. Story of this jacket is more than 90 year old when WWI war going on; that time plane cockpits were not properly enclosed and it was necessary for pilots to wear leather so that they remain protected from extreme cold climate.

But after some time fashioners noticed the charisma of this jacket and started launching bomber jackets for common people. Many Hollywood celebrities also helped in enhancing the trend of bomber jackets by wearing them in movies. Today, the bomber jacket we wear in inspired by old styled jackets only.

Present fashion

This jacket is worn is different styles. However, most of the people prefer to wear this in the same way as it was worn by Air Force pilots; bomber jackets worn by pilots used to have stitch patches. You can buy these stitch patches separately. Many of these jackets come along with a belt for proper fitting.

Maintenance of jackets

It is not very tough to maintain your bomber jackets. A few steps can keep your jacket new for decades. Use stain protector and water on jackets to prevent any type of damage and clean it once in a year with a damp cloth and gentle soap solution; use towel or sponge to remove extra water. After cleaning the jacket, hang it in an airy place and let it dry naturally.

Buy online

There are many online shopping sites which sell quality leather bomber jackets in different colors and design for all age group of people in an affordable range. You can select your favorite type of jacket from these sites and place your order. Most of these online stores also offer huge discounts on these jackets. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bomber jacket and flaunt your style!

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