The various timelines of Fashion

Vaguely, clothing can be called as the fiber which is worn on the body.  This was the purpose for which cloths were introduced in the human civilization. As the human civilization evolved from the dark ages to the contemporary world, the purpose changed in many different ways. After developing a superior brain, humans started discovering diverse types of fibers and textiles which led to the modern clothing. The discovery of various methods of sewing and stitching shaped the new age term “Fashion”.

 The revolution of fashion took place at a very early age, but it stole the spotlight in the 20th century. There were many styles and changes that came and went by, leaving the desire for more in the hearts of our race. The revolution in 1900s was a significant one and witnessed vast changes in habiliments.

 1890 to 1900

Bustle was a type of clothing which was famous during the 1800s, but by the end of 1890s it slowly began to fade as the new fashion was about to make its way. Skirts became the latest trend, Bodice also joined the fashion and evening dresses were spotted with long sleeves.  Outlines became slimmer and the length of sleeves got shortened. The style of skirt changed and got slimmer over the hips. The women tops became full from front which later evolved into pigeon breast or monobosom style of the 20th century.

 1900 to 1940

Skirts were altered and elongated from the back to form a train. The outlines were kept slim at the hip and the fullness was confined to below knee. By the end of World War 1, the fashion changed and waists were dropped to high hips level which also changed from fitting style to unfitted clothing. By the end of 1940s the twisted shapes and long hemlines were adopted. With use of silk and satin, more synthetic materials like rayon and nylon were introduced in making gowns and other garments. A major change came in this period was the introduction of zippers in clothing.  The culture of movies also kicked in which became the first step towards a new fashion era.

Contemporary Period

In the 90s everything changed, with the influence of TV and changes in technology led to a fire in the fashion industry. Different apparels were introduced and since then fashion hasn’t looked back. From physical store purchasing to buying garments online, finding the Perfect Leather Jacket for Your Personal Style is never difficult now. The world of fashion expanded into a universe. The contemporary world is now witnessing online clothing stores which offer diversity in habiliments and their vital accessories such as leather wallets, stoles, bags etc.

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