Leather jackets – The revolutionized fashion

The clothing industry has revolutionized the trends of apparels throughout the different decades.  From early post imperial ages to the contemporary world, the style of attire has changed mainly because of the influences by fashion icons.  One of the most trending apparels in clothing industry is Leather jacket.

Leather is obtained from animal hide, which goes through different processes to be finally used for clothing. Leather used in clothes is taken from the left over of the leather industry & no clothing company directly obtains leathers from animals.

There are several types of leather that are available in the form of clothing:

  • Aniline leather: It is the most ordinary looking leather with the singular surface traits of the hide remaining visible. Aniline leather is colored only with dye and not with an external covering of polymer and pigment. A thin surface coating may be applied to improve its appearance and to protect the fabric from spillages and soiling.
  • Semi-aniline leather: is more sturdy than aniline but it still retains a natural appearance. The raised durability is provided by a thin surface of coating that holds a small amount of pigment. This ensures constant color and imparts some stain resistance.
  • Pigmented Leather: is the most durable and is used in most of the furniture covering and almost all car upholstery. The durability is provided by a polymer surface coating which contains pigments.

There are even more subtypes of leather which are extracted for different purposes. With the rise in fashion and media, the trend of clothing is highly based upon the major fashion icons like celebrities, sports personalities and other dignitaries. Leather jackets are always in vogue because of its versatility to get along with all the possible habiliments. Irrespective of the gender, jackets are made for every season with various styles. However, leather jackets for women in UK are always a need and a common fashion because of the breezy & chilly weather. The variety and styles of women’s jacket are more with various kinds of leather and other possible diversity.

If you are trying to find the right collection of leather jackets for yourself or your partner then it is better to do it online as you can get all the possible fashions at affordable price.

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