Ten Rules You Must Follow for Taking Care of Shearling Leather Coats

As winter season comes with its shivering coldness, people like to warm up their bodies with quality shearling leather coats. They look also stylish as well as comfortable. But their care comes with some instructions that you should follow to keep them as new as possible. Otherwise, you might not want to wear a coat which was spoiled in previous winter due to careless handling and keeping.  The reason is not that shearling isn’t durable but because improper care can destroy the fine properties like softness and superb insulation. Therefore, you need to follow ten rules which are explained below.

First Rule:

Never even think of putting your coat in a washing machine or a dryer. Cleaning in a washing machine and a dryer is the best way to kill the very essence of high quality shearling leather coats. Always prefer dry cleaning for getting it cleaned.

Second Rule:

Don’t wait to get your coat heavily dirty before giving it away for cleaning. Frequent small cleanings are recommended. Cleaning heavily soiled shearling coats is the most difficult task and chances are that it won’t be cleaned fully in one time cleaning, if it is already too much dirty. So, get it cleaned soon after it gets dirty.

Third Rule:

Keep your coat away from the open flames or high heat sources. However, you should follow this caution for all your clothes. Contact or even vicinity to such sources can damage the shearling and leather as well. Therefore, never stay close to fire while wearing shearling clothing.

Fourth Rule:

To avoid your jacket from bleaching, don’t expose them to strong sunlight for longer period. For example, hanging it in a sunny window or outside on the rope. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can bleach out your coat. So, keeping or hanging in shade will save it from being spoiled.  In this way, the luster of wool and leather would also not be faded.

Fifth Rule:

While storing them for long duration, never keep them in a plastic garment bag. A plastic bag is not breathable and moisture gets trapped inside it and shearling needs air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking. For safe storage, you can use 100% cotton garment bag because it allows air movement.

Sixth Rule:

Hang the coat loosely with other clothes i.e. give some space to retain its natural shape. Otherwise, you wouldn’t like to wear a contorted leather coat. So, never stuff it tightly with other collection in your wardrobe.

Seventh Rule:

Use always a broad and sturdy padded hanger to avoid the shoulders from losing their intended shape. Hanger’s neck should be long enough to keep the collar away from the hanging road. Don’t drape it on a round knob.

Eighth Rule:

Whenever your shearling leather coat becomes wet, simply shake out the coat and always let it air dry in a well ventilated room. It is the best way to maintain its softness and luster. Don’t try to use hair dryer, washer dryer or any other direct heat on it.

Ninth Rule:

Clean your shearling item preferably in the spring. Usually, in winter season, solvents and salts get accumulated on the coat. They will slowly degrade leather, fabric and wool, if not removed.

Tenth Rule:

Avoid using hair spray or applying perfume when wearing shearling leather coat and don’t leave any jewellery pinned on it.

So, these are important rules that must be keep in mind when you have shearling coats in your wardrobe. As long as you take good care of them, they will last for longer and continue looking brand new.

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