Sheepskin Coat- An eternal classic

A sheepskin coat is not merely a stylish garment to keep you warm; it is a timeless classic that has continued to gain admiration over the years. These are famously also called the shearling coats. Many historians are of the belief that many centuries ago, people in Himalayan and Siberian regions used to wear these coats to safeguard themselves from the wrath of winters. On seeing someone wearing one of these coats, an image of cowboys is conjured in the mind. Adding it to your wardrobe is a great way to feel the same power, independence, and sturdiness.

What to keep in mind while buying a sheepskin coat?

Do thorough research about different sheepskin coats

Before you buy a coat, do some research to learn all about the various available options in the market. This will ensure that you are able to find a coat that best suits your requirements. Additionally, you can acquaint yourself with the price for which your favorite is being offered. Sheepskin coat is, in general, a heavy investment but, if it is a good quality piece, it will last you for over a few decades.

Choose a coat that best fits the climate in which you stay the most

This is another important consideration that you need to make is that of the temperature in which you will be wearing the coat. You must invest in a coat that will be best suited for the climate in which you stay. You do not want to spend so many dollars only to have them wasted. It is best to invest in a piece that suits different weathers to make the most of it.

Look and feel do not lie

Visiting a store to make the purchase is suggested when you are clueless about how you should buy a sheepskin coat. Try out several coats to experience how they look and feel on you. Superior quality coats will have a smooth exterior finish, the fur will be nice and soft. Picking one coat for its quality will not be difficult at all as it will stand out from the rest.

Find out the best manufacturers

Before deciding on one shop from which you will purchase, weigh your options and look up different sources. It is seen that family-owned organizations are able to consistently deliver superior quality products and this is the main reason why they have managed to stay ahead in this line. If you decide to purchase through an online store, then do check their return policy and other such information.


Spanish Merino shearling is considered to be a great choice when it comes to sheepskin coats. However, what surpasses even the famous Spanish Merino is the lambskin slink which is predominantly procured from New Zealand. Since lambskin pelts are very small, it takes more time for stitching and sewing of coats when these pelts are used.

Besides this, you can also choose a finish of your preference. There is the Habana finish coat which comes in suede fabric and there is the Nappa or Pesca finish coat which is in smooth leather.

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