How To Choose A Suitable Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a must have in the wardrobe of every man these days. Men’s leather jackets are no longer confined to just one type and one look; you can get these in various shades and designs now. The versatility of these timeless classics is unquestionable. Besides suits, this is one of the biggest investments that a guy can make in his wardrobe.

Here are a few things that you must consider while buying a leather jacket to leave an everlasting impression in the mind of those who see you wearing it.

Consider the type of leather

Leather in itself is of various types. For your knowledge, there is a difference between hides and skins- hides are the pelts of bigger animals, whereas the skin is procured from small animals. Read below to know more about the types of leather:

  • Shearling

This is procured from sheep and then tanned, with the wool still on it. Shearling leather coats have a suede surface on the outside and a wool lining on the inner side.

  • Calfskin

This leather is basically the hide of a calf that is less than 3 years old, in most cases. Calfskin is very soft, with fine grain, and yet durable at the same time.

  • Ponyskin

More often than not, this is a misleading word that designers use. In reality, this is calfskin only which is sold by the name of ponyskin. You should always double check before going on to purchase a product that is being claimed as the one made of pony skin.

  • Ostrich

This is mostly procured from South Africa and is known for its distinctive bumpy pattern. The intricacies involved in its production make it an expensive purchase.

  • Crocodile and alligator

These are both very similar to each other in terms of pattern and texture. They are both made from oblong and square scales referred to as tiles. The difference is, however, apparent in a closer look as crocodile skin has little dots (hair follicles) close to the scale edge. Alligator skin is considered premium out of the two.

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Consider the style of jacket you would like to purchase

Mentioned below are the five major styles of jackets to choose from.

  • Bomber jacket

This is undoubtedly the most popular style of a leather jacket which has a simple collar, elasticated bottom and cuffs, and a zip in the front. This is an all-rounder and is a wardrobe staple of many.

  • Biker jacket

This is a style that comes first in the mind of all those who wish to purchase a leather jacket. Typically styled with jeans, this has large collar flaps and zip to one side in most cases. Go with a jacket that is not too flashy, with an overload of buckles and zips.

  • Racer jacket

As the name suggests, it is known so for its association with motorcycle racing. It usually does not have a collar; the bottom and cuffs are plain. This is usually worn by those having a fitted body.

  • Fatigue jacket

This is longer in length as compared to other styles of leather jackets. This can either be a buttoned jacket or a zip one and is perfect for wearing outdoors.

  • Flying jacket

These are lined with shearling and are considered statement pieces by a lot of people since they were typically designed to keep the air aces in WW1 from freezing in their open cockpits.

Investing in the right piece will ensure that it stays with you for years to come. The reputation of the shop from where you choose to purchase, matters a lot in this regard and therefore, this decision should be taken carefully.

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