Men’s Sheepskin Jackets: Drying, Storage, and Cleaning Instructions!

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Men’s sheepskin jackets are not known only for their timeless elegance but are also equally popular for the warmth and comfort that they offer. However, to maintain these classics, you will have to provide them with proper care and you will surely have them around for generations to come. Caring for men’s sheepskin jackets is  not something you will not be able to manage, but knowing exactly what you should be doing is very important to make the jacket last long. Here are some instructions to help you in this regard.

Instructions for Drying:  

You can surely wear your sheepskin jacket out in the rain and snow; however, you must still not let it get drenched completely, so avoid standing under heavy rain. If you do end up getting wet in the rain with your coat on, then you must take it off and shake off excess water. Then, use a clean towel to blot it dry. After this, simply hang your sheepskin jacket and let it dry at room temperature, but make sure it is not placed close to any source of heat.

Make sure you do not rub the sheepskin jacket to dry it as doing this might make the moisture seep further inside the skin. Once the jacket dries completely, use a gentle brush to brush the suede.

Instructions for Storage:

Here are a few things that you must remember with respect to storing your men’s sheepskin jacket:

  • No matter where you choose to store your jacket, that place must be completely devoid of heat and moisture. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause sunspots and so, you should store your jacket in a place where sunlight does not reach.
  • To avoid creases from forming, you must only hang your sheepskin jacket on a big and padded hanger.
  • Always pack your jacket in a nylon bag to prevent it from getting excessively dried. Do not make the mistake of using a plastic or vinyl bag for storing the jackets as they are not sufficiently breathable.

Instructions for Cleaning:

No matter how much caution you practice with your sheepskin jacket, it is bound to get a bit dirty from time to time. If you feel it’s time that your jacket should be cleaned, you must just use a sponge dipped in lukewarm water and soap to clean it. You must not use powdered detergents as they are not appropriate for being used to clean the sheepskin jackets. Gently clean the jacket and then let it dry at room temperature.

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