You Have A Designer Leather Jackets! Take Proper Care For Its Longer Life!!


The leather jackets are high in fashion, especially for women. It is difficult to digest but yes, women are leading the fashion industry more than men with the designer leather jackets. It gives confidence and a strong attitude to them. The fashionistas are often high on heels to release trendy and designer leather jackets for women. There are ranges of the jackets available in the market and give them space in the wardrobe but is it enough? Will they survive for long and you can continue to show-off without spending extra? It is difficult but not impossible. The quality of the leather should be good with proper maintenance to increase life expectancy. The designer leather jackets for women are expensive but it does not mean that you often have to go for the professional dry cleaning. It will be an extra expense on your pocket. Some DIY steps and precautions on the leather jackets will increase the life to the fullest and they are the following:

  • A simple wipe on Oil Stain – Oil stain is a common problem which most of the people had to face. It is easy to clean on the leather jacket with the precaution to stay away with enough water and direct sunlight. You can wipe the mark with the clean cloth or with baby shampoo. The rub should not be hard; otherwise, it will affect the dye of the cloth.
  • Serious stain with Saddle Soap- The serious stain on the leather jackets mean the use of hard soap so that it removes easily. The first attempt of the soap might be harmful so it is advisable to use it from the inside beam. If the leather survives the water with the soap, it will not leave a spot and safe to use. On a note for all, try to use a suede brush or sandpaper instead of soap and water.
  • Avoid hair spray or Perfumes– Wear the designer leather jackets at the end after you complete all the makeup process so that it does not get spoiled by the cosmetics. The hair spray and perfumes have a severe effect on the quality of the leather jackets. It spoils the outer portion and leads to frequent wear and tear.
  • Maintenance after Rain– Getting wet in the rain very uncertain and it becomes impossible for the people to avoid the same. You do not need to worry even you get severely wet. You only have to hang the leather jacket on the hanger and let it dry naturally. There is no need for the heat to dry.
  • Waterproof with Mink oil or Silicone Spray- Not all leather jackets can fight against water so it is essential to waterproof them with the help of the mink oil or silicone spray. They are often hard so it is advisable to try from the inside beam. If it survives then it is easy to go. It might affect the color of the jacket but protect it from every external issue.

The designer leather jackets for women are durable and can be long-lasting if the care for the same is appropriate. The personal proper maintenance can keep the warmth of the jackets alive forever without the help of the professional cleaners.

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