Tips to Help Buy Your First Leather Jacket

Leather jackets for men UK

Almost everyone loves leather jackets, and it’s easy to see why. They look good and also last for a very long time. A leather jacket can cost you a significant amount of money, but a person who owns one can tell you that it’s well worth the investment.

However, buying a leather jacket can be quite stressful. It’s the same kind of situation like getting a tattoo. Just like your first tattoo, you can get paranoid about making the wrong decision.

So, here are some tips that can help you buy your first leather jacket.

The first mistake that usually everyone makes is thinking that all the jackets are the same. Before you spend your hard-earned cash, it’s crucial to know that there are different types of jackets, like the leather biker jacket, bomber jacket, and leather fashion jacket.

  • Leather biker jackets are usually made from thicker leathers, and sometimes have plates sewn inside key areas like shoulders.
  • Fashion jackets are generally made with more delicate, softer leather. These jackets tend to be slightly longer, more flattering, and more stylish.
  • Leather bomber jackets feature a leather construction either with a fur or quilted-lined interior for additional warmth. They also feature a classic, timeless style that looks elegant on both men and women.

How much should you spend on a leather jacket?

When it comes to price and quality, then like almost every product, the higher price tag indicates better quality. It’s hard to make something of high-quality at a low price. That is why cheap things are inexpensive for a reason.

However, that’s not always the case; sometimes, even the low-end quality jackets have a high price tag. But, customers are smart now, as word spreads fast on the internet. So, terrible quality at a high price will get called out.

Let’s now see the difference between a low-end leather jacket and a well-made jacket.

  1. Quality: Cheap leather jackets are mostly made of corrected leather, cheaper skins that are chemically treated to look better.  A good quality leather jacket gives a slightly smooth and warm feeling. These jackets look distressed and full of grains because they are made of natural products.
  1. Topstitching: Well-designed jackets are usually topstitched with heavy-duty threads that stand out, whereas inexpensive jackets use thin thread or avoid topstitching altogether.
  1. Details: Adding details to the jacket is complicated and expensive. High-end jackets have more details like seams, cuts, pockets, zipper, etc. On the other hand, low-end jackets won’t have much detail.
  1. Sleeve & Body Lining: You want a lining that is breathable, comfortable, and durable. High-end jackets often have two different linings for the body of the jacket and the sleeves, with the sleeves being lined with a silky fabric, which makes it easy to slip on. Cheap jackets typically have a single synthetic lining that is often prone to ripping.

How to choose a good fit?

  • Shoulders: Make sure the shoulder seams line up as close as you can to the points of your shoulders.
  • Armholes: Higher armholes are considered as better fit. If it’s too low, your jacket may shift when you move your arms.
  • Sleeve: The sleeve should be fitted, but not super tight.
  • Length: Around your waist or just enough to cover your belt is considered good length. Some designers make long jackets, but those usually look best on taller men.

Now that you’ve got a view of all the vital information, you should find yourself equipped to purchase the leather jacket — something that you’ll cherish for years.

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