4 Style Tips That You Can Try With Your Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Leather Flight Jacket

Leather bomber jackets are a timeless fashion that has always intrigued men and women equally. They are warm, protect you from wild winds and impart an easy, smart, and casual look. While women always seem to find the best ways to dress up, most men find it difficult to pair other dress elements with their jackets in an attractive way. First of all, it doesn’t matter if you have a black bomber jacket or a neutral color jacket; it is always an amazing piece of outerwear for any occasion.

If you don’t have it now, just get it right away. You will never regret having a good quality leather bomber jacket in your wardrobe.

Here is your style guide that can help you on how to style a bomber jacket well. 

First of all, you should know what you will need to style this jacket. Some of the basic things are dark-colored chinos or a pair of jeans, dark-colored shoes, boots, or sneakers, collared shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and a stylish belt. It does not mean you’ll have to wear all of this at the same time. This list will help you style your bomber jacket in different ways on different days.

To style it well, you can also try following these tips.

  • In the men’s fashion world, there is a lot of brown and black especially when it comes to leather jackets. However, if you’re looking for a quick way to stand out, then you shouldn’t be afraid of choosing other colors. Buying a nice burgundy, navy, or even a white jacket can be a great choice. But make sure that when you are wearing a leather bomber jacket other than black and brown, you should team it with a neutral palette underneath so that jacket is the star of your attire.
  • If you have a black leather bomber jacket, you can bring freshness by wearing different colors underneath. A black jacket looks great with a pair of black jeans but only if you don’t end up wearing all back. Try different colors under your jacket. However, it’s better to wear a pair of jeans in a lighter shade than your jacket and wear a light-colored sweater and layer it with a colorful dress shirt. Don’t tuck the shirt; rather, let it hang out for a more casual effect. Besides, wearing a pair of distressed blue jeans with a black jacket never goes out of fashion.
  • A nice leather bomber jacket can easily replace a sport coat. Pair your jacket with jeans, casual boots, and skinny necktie for a rugged but dressy look. This means, with this look, you can go to events where you don’t want to look like you tried too hard.
  • When seasons start transitioning, you experience chilly mornings, warm afternoons, and then again chilly evenings. This time is perfect to try different looks with your leather jacket. Throw it over a white basic t-shirt for a classic look as it will keep you comfortable the whole time as well as look stylish. This style often goes best with a blue pair of jeans. However, you can wear your jackets over dress pants too. Just wear it with a stylish belt then and it will pull your look all together.

Try these tips and see how you will love your leather bomber jacket more than before. One single piece can bring so many different looks and styles and if you have more than one, you will be exploring endless possibilities to achieve a great and different look.

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