All You Need to Know about Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets

Men's Leather Flight Jacket

Men’s leather bomber jackets are the ones that perfectly define the masculinity and comfort and this is why every man craves to adorn their wardrobe with these jackets, if not more, at least a few! Wearing the same jacket for the whole week makes things boring, no matter, how much you get creative with them. So, a man should have a variety of leather jackets so that he never goes out of options when it comes to being charismatic.

With everything else, you cannot miss a bomber style jacket which is available in the market in multifarious hues, designs and sizes. In the market, umpteen designs exist that are ready to add a sinewy and brawny touch to your outfit. When worn in a proper way, they give you an athletic look and also keep more warm and comfy. Moreover, they can also look manly when worn alone as they are specially designed in that way.

There are many people who wonder why these jackets are called so. What’s this bomber thing with these jackets? Well! It is indeed an interesting name for a jacket and of course, there is a legit reason behind this name. So, let’s check it out what their story is.

History of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are typically originated from military clothing which are passed down by subcultures like punk and now have entered the high-end fashion world of not only men but women too. Initially, they were designed to be versatile and functional and this can be derived from the fact that they were lightweight and kept the soldiers warm more than any other jacket.

Their design was characterized by the bulky nature and saggy armholes with elastic ribs and hem. Such design made it really very convenient for pilots and soldiers to fight and to be agile in challenging conditions. Since they were introduced during WWII, especially for bomber pilots, they are also called pilot jackets.

Now, we will discuss a few things which a man usually wants to know before buying men’s leather bomber jackets.

Ideal Season

Many people seem curious to know which season is perfect to wear a bomber jacket as they are often associated with the warmth they used to provide to soldiers. Since today’s jacket designers know that men like to wear jacket throughout all seasons of the year, they design leather bomber jackets in a way that you can wear them in any season. They are perfect for all seasons. There is a possibility that you may struggle a little in winter but, for that, you can add a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath to stay warm enough.


The appearance of bomber jackets is a lot different than others in the way that they have elastic ribs at handcuffs and hems. So, if you wonder and have doubts whether a bomber jacket would look good on you, know that it is an unusual choice. No doubt that they are very popular and people are in love with them, still there are many who don’t go for them at first. So, wearing men’s leather bomber jackets will make you look unique and in today’s scenario, unique is associated with cool. Nobody wants to be a part of a flock. So, if you want to look different in a good way then, yes, bomber jackets are for you.


As they are distinct in appearance, you may be thinking about what range of colors there is for these jackets. Thanks to creative designers, they make every effort to make different types of leather bomber jackets in a plethora of shades for you. They are easily available in black, brown, grey, burgundy and various other shades. This is not all. You can also find men’s leather bomber jackets that come with detachable cowhide collar. This would not only make your style more sophisticated but also keep you warmer.


How to know if a bomber jacket fits perfectly? It is a jacket that looks best with a little tight fitting rather than loose. The cuffs of a bomber jacket should be relatively tight and if they are hanging loosely over your hand, then exchange and try a smaller one. Don’t forget to check the collar of the bomber jacket. It must sit comfortably touching your neck instead of being loose or tight around it.

Carrying Style

From their history, you can easily understand that a bomber jacket is quite comfortable. It offers the ease of carrying which means you don’t have to be a fashionista. Men’s leather bomber jackets have the power of transforming a simple looking guy into trendy one. As they are versatile, they easily fit into anyone’s style. There is no need to be particular about mixing, layering or matching it with different pieces, though you can always do if you want to.

So, why wait any longer guys when you can instantly browse exclusive collection of men’s leather bomber jackets online. Just place an order right now.

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