3 Best Trending Styles in Men Leather Jackets


Two of the most cherishing occasions in the UK – Christmas and New Year – are approaching now. When a festival like Christmas or New Year is celebrated with enormous joy and excitement, it’s quite obvious that like women, men also start thinking about wearing something special or gifting a beautiful gift to their dear ones. One thing that not only elevates the appeal of your (or your loved one’s) personality but also makes you (or them) feel special is a high-quality and stylish leather jacket.

For over a century, they stood the test of time and fashion and people still see them as a popular fashion statement. They keep you warm when you go out in the chilly winds and make you stand out in the crowd. No wonder, men leather jackets will continue to be in trend even in 2021 and the upcoming years as well.

In this post, we will discuss common men leather jacket types (styles) that you should have in your wardrobe.

  1. Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Originally designed for Harley Davidson in 1928, these motorcycle leather jackets are among the must-have apparel to have in men’s wardrobes. Their thick fabric protects motorcycle riders from minor accidents and cropped design makes it more comfortable to wear during a ride. For over years, this style is highly sought-after and associated with pop culture and edgy subcultures like punks. Now, they are counted as the mainstream fashion outerwear.

 They typically come with a shorter cut and are often designed with a thick metal buckled belt. They feature an off-centre front zipper, layered lapels, and zippered front pockets. Besides, they have a lot of detailing, such as buckles, snaps, epaulettes, and exposed zippers. While a motorcycle jacket with two front zippers is called a double rider motorcycle leather jacket, the one with a single front zipper is simply called a rider motorcycle leather jacket.

  1. Bomber Leather Jacket

Initially worn by World War I pilots, men bomber jackets became the talk of the town when worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and Tom Cruise in Top Gun. In today’s time, they have gained widespread popularity in leather material. Featured with collar, centre front zipper (sometimes, covered by a placket), and ribbing on the cuffs and bottom hem, men’s bomber leather jackets are often called flight jackets or an A2. They also feature front pockets which are either zippered or come with a buttoned flap. For the winter season, bomber jackets are usually lined or insulated with fur, such as shearling or sheepskin.

  1. Racer Leather Jacket

When motorcycle racing gained huge popularity after the Second World War, racer leather jackets became the go-to fashion statement among riders for their sleek look and minimalist style that offered them much-needed protection without getting in their way. Even though they look simple in design, they have been a great choice for men looking for a piece that can be styled for many years to come. They are characterized by minimal detailing, such as a centre front zipper, side pockets, and a band collar. They have a slim-fit and look flattering on a wide range of body types, especially men with broad shoulders. Make sure that when you purchase them, they fit you impeccably.

Because of their popularity, timelessness, and versatility, there are endless options in men leather jackets. They look equally amazing either you are going to wear them for daytime looks or nights-out. They make a perfect fashion statement for smart casual as well as cocktail attire.

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