Want to Slay in Style? Try Bombers!


In this exceptionally sanatic world, it is right to quote that each and every year; the fashion industry is setting up new trends. As a matter of fact, society has stepped backed and popped up again with a piece of timeless fashion- The Bombers! Yeah, it is true! Bombers are something that will never be going to get fade away.

The Bomber jackets for men are radically reckoned as Puffers As well as Shearling Jackets due to the Sherpa. But, let us just clear the air. The Bomber Jackets have loads to offer when compared with other jackets. Undoubtedly, it’s more solace and stylish than puffers, motos, parkas…This jacket is for every individual who loves to showcase versatility along with subtleness.

The bomber Jackets are surely one of the best things that you must have in your wardrobe. There has always been a myth that bomber jackets are unisex, but, if truth be told, the Bomber jackets are for both men and women.

However, these timeless jackets have been around us for many decades, but when it comes to social media, these miraculous jackets have recently marked their presence. At the time of World War II, these jackets were made for the pilots to keep them warm. Needless to mention, the “flight jackets” (bomber Jackets) were manufactured by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 to help combat the cold.

As time passes, the designers also began evolving bomber jackets for men and women both. Therefore, we have enlisted some bombers underneath. Read on!

  • The Navy Minimal MA-1 Jacket

There isn’t any denial; one of the simplest forms of bombers to put on is Navy Minimal MA-. A pared-back version of the MA-1 jacket in navy ought to be on your top list. Along with a slimmer body and no zip pocket on the upper arm, this jacket can be put on with selvage denim, tailored trousers, tracksuit bottoms, wide-leg chinos – the choice is all yours.

  • The Leather Jacket

When deciding to invest your hard-earned moolahs in the leather jackets, however, this jacket might seem like an obvious choice, but care ought to be taken. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to get it wrong with leather, hence always aim for a quality that will serve better with time, in a fit that slim but not limiting.

  • The Suede Jacket

Doubtlessly, when it is about outwears, the Suede has gone out of trend, but not be forgotten, it’s never been convenient either. Don’t let the fears of downpours put you off though – as there are fewer jackets that are cooler than a suede bomber. Always keep in mind; this is your chance to experiment with hues because the dull lustre of the fabric almost mutes brighter tones.

  • The College/Varsity Jacket

The classy college or varsity jacket is one of the simple ways to induce a youthful edge to any ongoing look – simply carry one on over a pair of jeans and you are all set to hit the streets.

Without a doubt, Bombers have always been slaying the world with its uniqueness, so don’t think much grab one and hit the streets in style!

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