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Considering how wide and in-demand leather jackets have become, it’s not surprising to see them in many styles since they were first released. Each style comes with a different type of fastener. For leather jackets, zippers and buttons are common fasteners. Choosing zippers or buttons for your leather jacket is the real question.


There is nothing more functional and stylish than a zipper-front leather jacket. Women and men wear these because they provide ample protection from the elements and look great. Due to two reasons, zipper fronts are the most popular. Besides having a more modern look, it is also easier to put on. It is more convenient to have a zipper front. The buttons won’t come undone in the middle of a meeting, so it’s easier to get on and off. Investing in zipper-front leather jackets in fall and winter is the best time. It is really good for keeping you warm and cozy in the colder months since they have a zip that closes completely, preventing air from entering.

Conversely, the buttoned front is more traditional and classic. Generally, buttoned-front clothing is considered more formal. A leather jacket with a button front is perfect for formal occasions. The front buttons allow you to adjust the fit as needed. Their timeless appeal is undeniable.


So which one should I choose?

In terms of comfort, zipper leather jackets have the edge due to the unique designs and styles available, making them more suitable for bikers. In contrast, button leather jackets are more formal and classic.

Quality of the Leather

The quality of the leather is the most critical aspect of your jacket, no matter what type of fastening you choose.

People tend to think that genuine leather means high quality, but this isn’t true. Real leather comes in different types and quality levels. Due to its split-grain, genuine leather known as split leather is the poorest in terms of quality. Shoes and jackets are mostly made from this type of leather. Among all types of leather, Napa has the finest grain. Therefore, choosing napa leather will provide great comfort and softness.

Choosing the right hardware for your leather jacket

Leather jacket hardware refers to anything that is stamped, crimped, sewn, or otherwise attached to the jacket. Zippers, buckles, and studs all fall under this category of hardware. Leather tools are needed to attach these to leather jackets. If you force any object into a leather jacket, it will weaken and probably tear.

Nickel-plated, brass, or stainless steel hardware is recommended so it won’t rust. They are usually gold, silver, or black.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose a button-front leather jacket or a zipper-front leather jacket, both are awesome. It’s up to you which one you prefer. It is more important to choose a leather jacket that is of high quality. When it comes to durability, quality is crucial. To prolong the life of your jacket, you need to take care of it. You can find some iconic pieces from NYC leather jackets if you’re looking for leather jackets with buttons and zippers. The collection is available for you to browse through and choose from.

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