The Care of Shearling Sheepskin


 Natural sheepskins have suede leather on one side and soft wool fibers on the other. Moreover, this luxurious material breathes well and naturally wicks away moisture. The term shearling refers to sheepskin that has been shorn to give it a uniform appearance and feel. Shearling sheepskin jackets should be stored out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Always use cloth bags (not plastic bags) if storing garments in them. Rain or snow can make your shearling wet. Shake off the excess moisture and use a towel to blot gently. Hang it to dry at room temperature (never near heat). When your shearling has dried, you can brush the outside with a suede brush.

Men's Shearling Sheepskin Jacket
Men’s Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

How to Clean Shearling Sheepskin?

Use a damp towel to remove small spills and tweezers to pluck out dirt. When dealing with larger spills, sprinkle corn starch on the stain and let it sit for a few days. Then brush gently with a suede brush after removing excess corn starch. Don’t take your coat to the dry cleaners if it requires deeper cleaning. It is always advisable to take sheepskin to leather and sheepskin cleaner if it is shearling sheepskin. Spot cleaning sheepskin jackets, slippers, mittens, and hats with a damp cloth and brushing with a suede brush is possible. Your skin stays fresher with sheepskin because it contains lanolin, a naturally occurring substance. The best way to prevent sheepskin accessories from developing an odor is to sprinkle baking soda inside the accessories and let them sit overnight. Clean out the baking soda in the morning by vacuuming it. Put your sheepskin jacket in the freezer for 1-2 days to eliminate pungent odors.
It is possible to keep sheepskin shearling coats and accessories for generations if you care for them properly.

Leather Care

Our leather jackets are made of sheep leather, which has a softer feel than cow leather. Unlike cow leather, sheepskin leather is more supple and susceptible to stretching, so it requires proper maintenance. Always use garment bags instead of plastic ones when hanging sheepskin leather jackets. Ensure that you don’t store the product in direct sunlight or other sources of heat or extremely dry or humid conditions. If your leather jacket gets wet, let it air dry (but not near heat). For a new leather jacket, you can use a leather conditioner, but do not use conditioners containing petroleum or mineral oils, as these can dry it out. Brush off dust or dirt with a soft cloth. Always take your leather jacket to a unique leather and sheepskin cleaner, not your regular dry cleaner, if your garment requires a deeper clean. 

Wool Care Guidelines

Wool is a soft, breathable material that provides excellent natural insulation. If you want to keep your wool coat or garment clean and fresh, follow the care instructions on the inside of the garment.

Follow these simple instructions as well to lengthen the life of your leather jackets.

  • Ensure that your garment has enough space to breathe and dry clean it first before storing it, placing cedar blocks inside the pockets to prevent moths from getting in.
  • Heat should never be used to dry wool coats or garments.
  • Dry by hanging and spot-cleaning (use cold water to avoid shrinkage).
  • You can dry clean or wash the garment in the washing machine if the care instructions recommend it.


You must take good care of your shearling sheepskin leather jacket to ensure its longevity and keep its appearance fresh for as long as possible.

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